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Electronic Flow

Where can I find more information about our UQS7 Electronic Flow switch?

  • You can go to our UQS7 web page to download the data sheet and Installation & Maintenance Manual, or you can Ask the Expert for more detailed information.

Which media can be measured with the UQS7?

  • The UQS7 is currently able to measure water and water-similar media. The following liquids have been successfully tested: water, drill-water, lubrication coolant, Hycut ET46 / ET, Hycut ET46 / MG

Does the temperature of the media or the surrounding have any influence on the measuring?

  • Yes, it does. However, we compensate all temperature influence and guarantee an accuracy of +/- 2% of the actual value in a temperature range of 5-130°C (media) and 5-55°C (surrounding).

How is the Ultrasonic Transducer constructed?

  • The Piezocrystal is glued into a cylindrical metal housing that is manufactured on a lathe (produced it in one piece), where no welding is required. This enables you to have a leak-proof flow switch. Additionally, the bronze material is used which is corrosion resistant.

Does the UQS7 measure correctly on different flow profiles?

  • Either a laminar flow profile or a turbulent profile can be measured with the same accuracy.

How strong are the signals?

  • The sensor heads send 3V, while the input signals are around 7mV. The transmitting power is 5mW. The power and signal size are not directly comparable to the measuring result.

What frequency is the UQS7 using?

  • The frequency is 1.25 MHz to reach an equal distribution through the whole sensor body.

Is the flow direction pre-set?

  • No, the arrows just indicate the "positive" flow direction. If the flow direction changes, you will be measuring "negative" flow. However the value will be the same.

What happens in case of contamination?

  • If the sensor is contaminated the ultrasonic signal will be damped. In our electronics we have an amplifier which compensates for this damping immediately. The system is called AGC (Automatic Gain Control). The UQS7 uses an amplification factor of 200. Above this factor the UQS7 also generates an Error Code. While the maximum factor that can be reached through AGC is 2,400, the system also generates a pre-warning at a factor of 1,200. This signal can be used for maintenance purposes.