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Pressure Switch

Where can I find a listing of UL approvals for Barksdale pressure switches?

Is there a repair kit for the explosion proof bourdon pressure switch used in the oil patch market?

  • Yes. Barksdale offers repair kits, B1S-S48SS-L5 or B1S-S48SS, for the non-UL B1X-S48SS models used in the oil patch market. Barksdale does not offer repair kits for our standard explosion UL approved bourdon tube switches.

How do I adjust a pressure switch?

The term "Actuation Value" is used in your catalog. What are you referring to?

  • Actuation value is the difference between the actuation point and the re-actuation point in a pressure actuated switch. For example: if a pressure switch is set to operate at 100 psi on increasing pressure, the switch will close when pressure rises to that point. As pressure drops to 95 psi the switch may open. This is the reactuation point. The actuation value of this switch is 5 psi, the difference between the set point of 100 psi and the reactuation point of 95 psi. Actuation value is sometimes referred to as "differential." However, as there is an instrument known as a differential switch, we prefer to use "actuation value" rather than "differential" to avoid confusion.

Barksdale offers four different sensing elements in your pressure switches. How do I know which is right for me?

  • Many factors go into the selection of a pressure switch, many of them application-dependent. But as a starting point, for applications requiring accuracy of ±1/2% and where there are fewer than 25 pulsations per minute, select a Diaphragm or Bourdon Tube model. The Diaphragm model is available from vacuum to 150 psi, and the Bourdon Tube model is available from 50 to 18,000 psi.
  • For applications where pulsations exceed 25 cycles per minute and where high over-pressures occur, select a Sealed Piston or Dia-seal Piston model. These models offer extremely long life (millions of maintenance-free cycles) with an accuracy of ±2%. The Dia-seal Piston model is available from vacuum to 500 psi, 1,000 psi proof. The Sealed Piston model is available from 15 to 12,000 psi.

I have a UL listed Barksdale pressure switch. Can I field repair it?

  • Field repair of UL, CSA and other listed units may void the UL or CSA listing of the repaired unit.

What type of Barksdale pressure switches are good for steam service?

  • Only diaphragm and bourdon tube switches are suitable for steam service. Dia-seal type switches may be used if fittings are stainless steel, polysulfone or nickel-plated.