NEW: BLS3000 Electronic Level Switch

April 2016

Enhanced flexibility and Improved efficiency

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  • Resolution: 5 mm
  • Redundant measurement system
  • Media independent
  • Total length (L0): 9.8”, 14.6”, 16.1” and 39.4”
  • Compact and modern design
  • Rotatable 320° display and electrical connection
  • 4-digit 14 segment LED display
  • IP65/IP67 enclosure rating

Los Angeles, CA (May 9, 2016) – Barksdale Control Products, a leading manufacturer of industrial controls, is pleased to announce their latest release of the Generation 3000 Series: the BLS3000, an electronic Level switch with a 4-digit 14-segment LED display. The BLS3000 is part of Barksdale’s new Generation 3000 Series of electronic products with sensor technology for Pressure, Temperature, and Level.

“Customers have adopted our recent Generation 3000 electronic products at an unprecedented pace. Today, we are excited to introduce the newest addition to the Generation 3000 family, our electronic level switch.” said VP, General Manager-Industrial, Melissa Blashka. “The BLS3000 electronic level switch offers the same functions as the BPS3000 and BTS3000 with its dual switch points, analog output and easy to navigate menu, but its unique design features make this product suitable for wide media, including  media with foam and high viscosity/sticky media.”

The BLS3000 offers much more than the average competitive level float switch with its redundant measuring system and float design. The redundant measuring design not only offers nearly continuous level measurement, but it also serves as a safety feature ensuring accurate reading even if a reed is damaged. This is possible because as the float rises up the stem or falls down the stem with the tank’s fluid, the float contacts multiple reeds in a systemic, redundant, sequence ensuring level accuracy with a 1/5” (5 mm) resolution. And with its reduce-sticking float design, float and stem stiction is minimized allowing for the measurement of wider media.

The BLS3000 offers three distinct products in one compact package: dual level switch, level transducer, and digital level gauge. Depending on the application need, the BLS3000 is available in these output configurations: dual switch points, dual switch points with analog output (4-20 mA or 0-10 V), or single switch with analog output.

The BLS3000 offers a wide range of standard options.  Standard level probe lengths range from 9.8 inches to 39.4 inches (250 mm - 1000 mm). Standard process connections include 1/2, 3/4, 1, & 1-1/4 inch male NPT and G threads. Metric, UNF and UN threads are also standard offering and include: M20 x 1.5mm, SAE 10 and SAE 12, respectively. The BLS3000 offers a lot of versatility, making it perfect for a wide array of applications including high performance power packs, test benches and industrial cooling and lubrication systems.

With a float smaller than most competitors at 0.67” (17 mm) and its 1/2” NPT or G thread process connection, the BLS3000 is an excellent retrofit option for most hydraulic power units. Its compact size and 320° rotatable electrical connection and display housing, makes it very simple to install. The large 4-digit 14-segment LED angled display is aesthetically pleasing and allows clear readability. The BLS3000 is cULus approved and has an enclosure rating of IP65/IP67, making this unit suitable for the wettest of environments, and even full submersion. 







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